Jean-Baptiste Caillau homepage
Jean-Baptiste Caillau
Professor of applied mathematics
Institut math., UBFC & CNRS/Inria

Scientific interests
Optimization and optimal control: Geometry, algorithms and applications

Joint head of the Statistics, Probability, Optimization & Control team, UBFC & CNRS
Member of the McTAO team, Inria
Associate, Parallel Algorithms & Optimization team, ENSEEIHT & CNRS
Séminaire SPOC (Dijon), Séminaire de géométrie hamiltonienne (Paris VI), SMAI-MODE group, PGMO

UBFC, Math. Dept.
Master MIGS

Mathematical Control Theory, June 27-30 2017, Porquerolles
New Horizons in Optimal Control, July 3-5 2017, Porto
18th French-German-Italian Conference on Optimization, September 25-28 2017, Paderborn
Journées SMAI-MODE 2018, March 28-30 2018, Autrans

Habilitation in Applied Mathematics (Univ. Toulouse, 2006)
PhD in Applied Mathematics (Univ. Toulouse, 2000 - Léopold Escande Prize, Toulouse Académie des Sciences Maury Prize)
MS in Mathematics (Univ. Toulouse, 1997)
MS in Computer Science (Univ. Toulouse, 1996)
Ingénieur in Applied Mathematics (ENSEEIHT, 1996)
Curriculum vitæ

On leave at Inria Sophia Antipolis
McTAO team
2004 route des lucioles - BP 93, F-06902 Valbonne
Office Borel 223